Past winners
The Michigan State University Design Contest for College Students began in 2000 as a way for students to enter work done not only for a campus newspaper, but also projects done for a class, a job or an internship. Indeed, nearly six out of every 10 entries were work done for something other than a campus newspaper.

Those are the students who served as the inspiration for the MSU Design Contest three years ago. There are a number of beginning student designers who have demonstrated incredible talent, but they do so in the classroom or at a part-time job. In much the same way, some of the most talented visual journalists—for a variety of reasons—do not work at their campus newspaper. These students are usually ineligible for other college design competitions, where contest rules often limit entries to work done for a student newspaper. The MSU Design Contest was established to give those other students a voice in a national competition.

Check out the winning entries from our previous contests.

2000 contest

2001 contest